Tip: Don’t Scrimp on Cheap Hosting

I’m sitting at my computer waiting nervously for Live Chat updates from a hosting support tech boffin somewhere in North or South America and I’m suddenly reminded of a tip I meant to post a while back.

The title of this article says it all – don’t pay for cheap hosting just because it’s cheap!

Why?  Isn’t hosting just a server somewhere that your website lives?  Does it really matter where it is?

Yes, that’s true.  But yes, it matters.

You don’t know how important your hosting is until your website goes down and you start losing customers or visitors.  Or your website goes AWOL and you risk losing the money you spent having it build.

See, software gets updated, servers get updated, servers go down, you run out of space, etc.  Somewhere along the lines, you may find yourself needing the support of your hosting company.  Or the consequences could be disastrous or costly.

And if they’re a cheap hosting company then more than likely their support centre is on the other side of the world, manned by pseudo-techies for whom English is a second language.  And calling them is not really an option, the cost would be outrageous.

So you want a hosting company who offer good, local, accessible support, even if they cost a little more.

If you’d like a recommendation, I’ve been using Crucial for years, and they’ve been great. I’ve also heard good things about SiteGround.

Right, back to the Live Chat and the ongoing saga with this overseas host (who I did not choose, by the way).

Wish me luck!

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