Website services for authors

  • Are you an author or illustrator with a WordPress website?
  • Do you need help with content entry, updates, plugins, tracking?
  • Do you need a beta reader, advice on writing for the web?
  • Do you need help setting up social media accounts and learning how to use them?

If websites aren’t your thing, get in touch.


I highly recommend Pamela Ueckerman’s work as a WordPress editor/assistant for authors. She is an excellent communicator with a gentle, pleasant manner. She attends to problems thoughtfully, competently and efficiently. An added bonus is that she is willing to provide written outlines of a procedure she has followed as a way for the client to learn how to manage the task for his/herself if they want to become more independent. Her interest in and passion for children’s books was another reason it was such a pleasure to work with Pam

Donna Gibbs, Author