Our SEO services include delving deep into your business and finding individual words and phrases (keywords) that best reflect your product or service, and the customers you most want to connect with.

Then we use those keywords to tailor your site so that not only do you rank well in search engines, but the results entice users to click on them. We can also write or rewrite your content to leverage those same keywords to achieve even better results and make more conversions.

We have a range of SEO packages to choose from - all one-time payments. Please contact us for more information. Whichever package you choose, you will have those keywords to use in future in any sales or web copy.


Google and other search engines have honed their algorithms over the years so that it has become harder and harder to “cheat” and get a high ranking.

Now, Google rewards good quality content, quality links, fresh material and expertise (uniqueness of content) which is great news because it means that it is no longer the realm of tech-heads to achieve good rankings, it’s time for the content-creators to shine – the copywriters.

For that reason, we do SEO a little differently at Spiral Designs:

  • We do not guarantee rankings – because Google does not work that way, it recalculates its rankings regularly based on new content and new information.
  • We do not offer a monthly SEO package unless you would like to hire Spiral Designs for regular content-creation. Regular tweaking is not going to bring large rewards, regular content will (see the tips below). We could monitor your site on a monthly basis and let you know which content is bringing traffic, but with Google Analytics, you could do this yourself for free.
  • We focus on organic search results, not paid search results (such as Adwords), as these are more highly regarded by Google


  • Google rewards long-form content (over 2000 words) so if you have expertise in an area, write longer, high-quality blog posts.
  • Post regularly (weekly for smaller businesses, daily for larger)
  • Google Images is a search engine – make sure you give every image an ALT tag, especially your product images and DO include images in your blog posts and pages but be sure to check the license on any images you use and adhere to the license requirements.
  • Give your pages and blog posts descriptive titles
  • Quality incoming and outgoing links will increase the Google’s trust in your site
  • You don’t have to be a slave to your website. Install Editorial Calendar and set aside time each week or month to batch schedule your posts.
  • If you add a product or service or change your business in any way, you’ll need to tweak your SEO keywords so call us in for an SEO Refresh.
  • Check your Google Analytics results regularly to see which content is popular and write more like that.


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