Quick & Easy Tip To Find Out if Your Website Is User-Friendly

You’ve got a website and you’ve had it for a while now, so you know your way around it like you know your own house.

But… is it user-friendly?

Just because you know it, doesn’t mean that your users will be able to find what they want without a good deal of clicking and a side order of cursing.

So how can you tell if it’s user-friendly or not?

Here’s a good tip: think of the main reasons that people come to your website.  Is it to order a product? Book a session? View a timetable?

For each of these major reasons that people come to your website, ask one friend to go to your website and perform that function.

For example, “Hey Joe, can you go to my website and add the book ‘How to XYZ’ to your cart?”

Then ask them how they went.  Did they find what they wanted right away, or did they need to dig around?

If your friend didn’t find it easily, it might be time to consider some tweaking to ensure that you’re not losing customers.

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