Is your website working hard for you?

Or is it holding you back?

Your website has a lot of weight to pull. It’s not only your home on the web, it’s a representation of your business, a representation of your self.

A good website brings your clients to it, draws them in, answers their questions, builds trust, makes them want to read more, click here, buy now, book in.

How can a website do all of this?

First of all, it needs to work. As in, technically it needs to work. At the basic level, this means no broken links, no missing images, no error messages. It also needs to work on different devices and different browsers.

Secondly, it leverages your brand message. This is not only your logo but also the tone you set with all of your communications. It’s the copy (writing), the images and photography. What is your brand message – is it funky? Professional? Laid-back? Details-oriented? Creative? Quirky? Are you clear in what you are offering to clients?

But even further, how usable is your site? Can your visitors find the information they need easily? Can they request more information? Can they request a quote, see a timetable, book a session, buy your book? Or do they jump back out, disappointed? Is the navigation clear?

Further still, can customers find you by business name? Can they find you by searching for the service or product you offer?

If you are concerned about any of these elements or would just like a second opinion, book me in for a one-hour website audit today.

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