5 Must-Haves For Your Website Homepage (and 2 Bonuses)

Your homepage is the lobby of your website. And it’s got a lot of work to do. It needs to impress your visitor, let them know what you do, let them know how to get around, and guide them where to go next. It also acts as a beacon to the world out there (that is, search engines) so that people can find you.  Why is this important?  Because visitors will drop you like a hot potato if they can’t find what they need, and move on to your competitor.

So how do you this?

Website homepage trends come and go. But over the years, the basic recipe for a successful homepage has been tried, tested and proven. Here are five must-haves for a homepage and two bonuses for increasing engagement and conversion.

1. Your Promise 

Your promise is your offering to your audience/target customer.  The promise could be your tagline or main heading but it needs to communicate to your audience who you are and what the main benefit you are offering is. Think about your unique selling point, what separates you from your competitors – why should they choose you over someone else?

A great headline is not only important for impressing your potential customers but it can also help with your search engine results because it will contain keywords which describe your business to search engines.

Recycled timber furniture made to order


We handcraft beautiful custom wooden furniture from reclaimed timber at our Melbourne studio.

The second headline explains what they do, where they do it and what their promise is – beautiful furniture made by hand. It also includes many important keywords, including the location.

A skilled copywriter will ensure that the necessary elements are woven together to create a great headline.

2. Show what’s under the covers

Don’t bury your website content under hyperlinks scattered throughout the website because your visitors will not have the patience to click around to find what they need. Ensure that your primary navigation is clear and covers all sections of the site. Include shortcuts to the common areas on the homepage itself.

3. Core services

Don’t forget to outline exactly what it is you do. Too many websites wax lyrical about the benefits of their services without being clear about what their services are exactly.

4. Proof

Build trust in your brand and proof of success through testimonials, client logos, charts, awards, photographs, and accreditation logos.

5. Changing content

Content that changes frequently will create a sense of activity and score well with your search ranking. This can be done through blog posts and company news and by featuring the latest of these on your homepage.

And… if you want actively attract more conversions:

6. Call to action

A call-to-action (or CTA) is designed to elicit an immediate response from the customer. It could be a special offer, an opt-in form (“GET A FREEBIE AND JOIN OUR MAILING LIST”), a booking button to jump straight to bookings or a contact form.

7. Bonus content

Give your visitors a taste of your expertise by offering bonus content. This may be in the form of useful blog posts, downloadable PDFs, games, images, videos, etc.  Bonus content equals more connection with your brand, therefore adding to the visitor’s trust in you.

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