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Website Backup – How You Can Back Up Your Website With Ease

A website backup is a copy of your entire website, files, databases, and everything else related to your website. If something happens to your website, you would likely lose data. If you do not have a website backup service installed, you could lose important data in case of a website outage. So, having one installed is very important. This will ensure that you never lose website data because of a website outage.


If you are wondering how to restore a website backup, then you should know that it just refers to the procedure of restoring website files that have been lost due to any reason. The website files might have been lost because of a virus attack, a software failure, or file corruption. It is usually the case that websites run on databases. These are the most vulnerable for website backup restoration. When these databases go down, website files are usually corrupted and cannot be restored.

Website backups also come in two varieties. There are website backups which are website data backups, and there are also website backup services such as SQL and other database restores. These days, more companies are opting for the latter kind of service so that they can avoid data loss due to any reason. So, what is the difference between the two?

Backup Methods

These days, many companies go for the through-hole website backup method through FTP (file transfer protocol). FTP is used by almost every website owner today, especially when you use WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, or any other blog platform. Through-hole website backup via FTP would simply transfer website data to the location of the hosting provider via secure SMTP (secure transmission protocol), or through an unsecured network if you are using your server. While this method does not guarantee 100% security, it is much safer than the other ones.

website backup

Now, if you are looking for off-site website backup, you might choose to download website backup software or use a third-party FTP service instead. However, FTPs like Sun Site Manager offer limited flexibility and control, especially when compared to a cloud backup provider. In addition to that, backing up your data to a third-party service through an FTP is extremely time-consuming. You will have to manually copy all those files to a remote server, then set up the backup, check the status and so forth.

Through-hole website backups via FTP are much safer since they are not time-consuming and they are automatically saving the website files to a remote location. They are usually connected to a remote server through the internet. By making a small FTP connection, you can access your website files from any location, even your mobile phone!

Backup Tools

To get the most out of your website backup, the best tool is the one that offers a free trial. Although this tool costs money, it is the best value for your money. This is because this tool allows you to create a custom restore point, which will help you to restore all of your website files to their previous state. This restore function is simple and easy to perform, with many advanced options available. And after the initial fee is paid, it is usually very cheap to keep going.

Many people have found that using an off-site or online website backup service is far more cost-efficient and simple. You do not have to deal with issues like bandwidth and storage space. Best of all, backing up your website can be done very quickly and easily. If you are using an online backup service, you should always check in with them to see what the plan is and how they are keeping your files safe.

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